Puppies Prager Ratter

If you want puppy from us, please writte to us, why you want PK, where you live, what time have you for PK etc. We are breeding PK not for money, but for happy from PK, for love to PK, for respect to this breed and history our country, because PK is historical breed - very very old. We are breeding only standard PK with standard tall 20-24cm (better 23cm, ideal 20-22cm), only good health, good type. We are never  prefer colors before standard type or good health or tall. Price is other to breeding quality and other to pet quality. Puppies go to new home after 8 weeks old age with contract, chipped, vaccinated, echinococus treatment, Eu Pass, with food and toys. And now with DNA profil or parentity test too. All our dogs have DNA profil.